Creative Industries and Tourism: Where inspiration and sustainability meet

We present multimedia brochure to share all best practices and experiances of CCI4Tourism project!

It is an indisputable fact that the Adriatic-Ionian Region is the cradle of European cultural heritage, brimming with lively cultural and artistic life. Despite these enviable factors, however, the capabilities of regional tourism remain largely unutilized. Unexpressed. The tourism of this culturally and naturally plentiful area is still based on plurality, seasonality—summer highs and winter lows, and concentrated flows to central locations. Such a foundation is undoubtedly harmful. It threatens the region’s sustainable development while also hindering its creative potential. Or put differently: the creative potential of its people. The CCI4Tourism project presented in this booklet has been founded on the idea that if the aim is to improve the structure of tourism, precisely that creative potential of the people must be unlocked and stimulated. Cultural and creative industries (CCI) have an important role in boosting economic growth, creating employment, and innovations, but their exceptional role has not been sufficiently recognized or appreciated in the Adriatic-Ionian Region. Their economic impact is often overlooked, which is the consequence of a lack of key competences in the weaknesses of the local ecosystems. To this end, the CCI4Tourism project has set a clear and ambitious goal: to transform creative industries into key actors of the tourism sector and the decisive factor for the economic growth of the Adriatic-Ionian Region.

The partners of the CCI4Tourism project understand that the set goal cannot be reached by treading well-worn paths. This requires unconventional strategies of tourism management, which are based on:

>> Locating CCI companies and mobilizing talents;

>> Strengthening entrepreneurial skills;

>> Hybridization between cultural, creative, and tourist companies, leading to new products being created.

The principal result of the CCI4Tourism project is strengthening the entrepreneurial mindset of the cultural-creative sector. Only this can lead to substantial changes in the development of regional tourism and sustainable strategies, placing the region’s cultural heritage centre stage. Other expected project goals include:

a) A transnational strategy for strengthening the skills and competences of cultural and creative creators;

b) Establishing a Creative Network Hub;

c) A transnational action plan for offering “cultural tourism 4.0” across the entire Adriatic-Ionian Region. The transnational approach of the CCI4Tourism project is crucial for realizing the strategies set for the growth of the tourist sector.

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