Desk Research: comparison of existing business models for cultural heritage protection and valorization

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The main task of this CCI4TOURISM project deliverable is to provide additional input on the business models applied in other European countries with regards to the valorisation and protection of the cultural heritage. Desk research was performed to compare the state of the art and the available foresights on cultural heritage protection and valorisation at European level and beyond. It will also help in preparation of the joint business model canvas for Adriatic-Ionian sustainable tourism based on CCIs offer.

The creative tourism business model defers radically from the business model of conventional cultural tourism. First, it is based on a different resource set. Cultural tourism is focused on iconic buildings, mega events (festivals, etc.), strong presence of historic heritage, vibrant cultural life at a destination and limited famous geographies (Italy, France, Spain, Egypt, England, etc.). Creative tourism demand, on the other hand, is related to the need for learning and experiencing the creative process – from textiles weaving in Slovenia to icon-painting in Greece. In some markets, the demand is driven in strong traditions and proliferation of hobbies and craft making.

Entire document is available here DT3.1.3_Desk Research_FINAL