Creative HUB Agrra

Creative Hub Agrra was established in 2021 in the rural city Benkovac. The hub is conceived as a creative and innovative center, a common workspace and a platform for knowledge sharing, this is a place which serves as an exhibition space for CCIs and their products. HUB space is consisted of 50 m2 which is divided in two spaces: a working area and lounge or meeting area.

Our Hub offers development of local and international workshops seminars, exchange of knowledge and experiences, examples of good practice, trainings, mentoring, coworking, networking, common database for better communication and information, development of creative tourist contents and promotion of the creative community.

CCI sectors

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Crafts
  • Cultural heritage and museums
  • Cultural tourism
  • Design (product, graphic design)
  • Education
  • Music
  • Media and press
  • Photography


  • co-working space
  • professional development workshops and training
  • events
  • mentoring
  • consultancy
  • prototyping 3D model


  • coworking space
  • event space
  • meeting space
  • exhibition space

Equipment available

  • photo studio equipment
  • laptops
  • photo printer
  • 3D printer