Friuli Innovazione’s CREATIVE HUB

The Creative Hub is a widespread space designed to grow and shape creative ideas, generate new skills and integrate knowledge dedicated to cultural and creative businesses. It is also a specialized support center through research and prototyping that it will offer companies and professionals (designers, architects, technologists, etc.) to develop their own ideas and products.

Friuli Innovazione’s Creative Hub is deployed within two locations:
1. Business incubator premises settled in the Science and Technology Park of Udine’s headquarters
2. the FAB.LAB “Friuli Venezia-Giulia” located in Maniago.

The above-mentioned locations offer complementary services within CCI4T’s established unique offer for the Creative industries with potentialities for sustainable tourism.
More in detail: in Udine, the Creative Hub is directly connected with the Business Incubator support services while the FAB LAB approaches users to new digital technologies and enables people to define problems, prototype solutions and products.

Both Creative Hub locations favour the exchange of ideas and technology transfer, to give birth to new businesses. In FAB.LAB -Creative Hub, companies and professionals have the opportunity to carry out “rapid prototyping” for an aesthetic and dimensional evaluation of the product and / or can create unique finished products or in small series. The training offer also allows companies to update the production process and give innovative answers that will open up new market segments. Students also have the opportunity to approach digital manufacturing techniques to integrate knowledge with know-how, developing the digital skills required by the market. Schools of all kinds are involved in projects focused on innovation and the recovery of the traditions of “doing” of their respective territories of origin.

CCI sectors

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Crafts
  • Cultural heritage and museums
  • Cultural tourism
  • Design (product, graphic design)
  • Education
  • Gaming (video gaming and multimedia)
  • IT software and computer services
  • Music
  • Media and press
  • Photography
  • Performing arts
  • Visual arts


  • co-working space
  • professional development workshops and training
  • networking and events
  • mentoring
  • consultancy
  • community engagement
  • research development
  • prototyping and fabrication
  • internationalisation
  • commercial


  • event space
  • meeting space
  • maker space – FabLab
  • office open space

Equipment available

  • Smart board
  • Graphical workstation
  • Computer monitor
  • 3D printer
  • Server computer
  • Access Point
  • UPS
  • general office equipment
  • FAB LAB equipment