The kamRRA Creative Hub has been set up in Pivka, Primorsko-notranjska region, Slovenia, within the premises of RDA Green Karst Ltd. The latter presents a regional institution that influences the development of Primorsko-notranjska region in tourism.

The kamRRA Hub offers its users a welcoming co-working space with IT equipment, access to Internet as well as the support of the RDA staff.

Expert staff in tourism offer the users specialized knowledge in sustainable tourism, development of innovative tourist services and products, support in business models of SMEs in tourism etc. The Hub team also established a wide network of institutional as well as individual contacts that supports the development of the kamRRA Hub’s users.

The Hub is specializing in two priority areas: (1) digital upskilling of regional tourism potential and (2) exploring the potentials of natural and cultural characteristics of the Green Karst destination for innovative services and products, by inclusion of creative and cultural industries.

CCI sectors

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Cultural heritage and museums
  • Cultural tourism
  • Design (product, graphic design)
  • Education
  • IT software and computer services
  • Photography


• co-working space
• professional development workshops and training
• networking and events
• mentoring
• consultancy


• coworking space
• event space
• meeting space

Equipment available

• 3D printer
• Whiteboard