Škofja Loka Creative hub

Škofja Loka Creative hub connects creative community working mostly in applied arts, crafts, (textile) design and photography based on intangible cultural heritage of the area and contemporary creativity.

It connects smaller creative spaces – Arts and Crafts Centre of Škofja Loka and Contemporary textile hub Kreativnice. The hub organizes entrepreneurial trainings programmes and consultancy (CCI’s help desk). It also organizes support for the creatives to meet the market and helps them with promotion.

Both spaces offer exhibition space (show room) and organizes different events (creative workshops and experiences, pop-up events, fairs, open air exhibitions, experts meeting, talk evenings…).

CCI sectors

  • Crafts
  • Cultural heritage and museums
  • Cultural tourism
  • Design (product, graphic design)
  • Fashion and textile design


  • co-working space
  • professional development workshops and training
  • networking and events
  • consultancy
  • community engagement
  • prototyping and fabrication
  • commercial


  • coworking space
  • event space
  • meeting space
  • exhibition space
  • shop

Equipment available

  • camera
  • photo studio equipment
  • projector
  • computer
  • printer