Pilot action projects: Digitalization of plants at Garden Kržišnik

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The garden and gallery of Tomaž Kržišnik from Žiri combines nature, art and cuisine. The gallery was founded by the academic painter Tomaž Kržišnik, and the garden is the legacy of Juta Krulc, a pioneer of garden architecture in Slovenia. The extraordinary garden presents perennials, shrubs and trees to the public, and various musical and artistic events take place in the garden throughout the year. Team member Tadej Kržišnik is the head chef, who includes plants in his superb culinary rakia and ensures unforgettable culinary experiences. With the digitalisation project, they upgraded the offer in the direction of sustainability of the presentation for visitors since the plants in the garden were digitized and presented via QR codes.

For more information visit: www.krzisnik.eu.